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27 Jul

Hears a taste of what’s to come!

Dr. Dog – The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer

Dr. Dog is a rock band heavily influenced by 60’s rock. You can clearly hear the influence of bands like The Beatles in almost of all of their music. This is a tune from their 2008 release Fate.

The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star

The Limousines are a electorock/pop band out of Cali. This song is on their new album Get Sharp, which was released today. Its a pretty cool video, plus this song just makes me want to dance. Damn straight that drum machine ain’t got no soul. Check out their released single called Very Busy People.

KiD CuDi feat. Kanye West – Erase Me

Cudi is one of my favorite artists. If you haven’t listened to all of his other stuff get on that. This is his latest song. At first I didnt like it that much, but it has grown on me. It’s much more poppy then his other stuff, but nevertheless Cudi does work on this track. Man on the Moon II: the Legend of Mr. Rager is set to release on September 24.

Miike Snow – Animal

Miike Snow is a very talented electrorock/pop trio comprised of Andrew Wyatt and two Swedish producers (Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg). This is a great band that has uncanny ability to fuse electro with rock/pop so smoothly. You never feel overwhelmed by the electro; its always a great mixture. And if you would like more electro, there are plenty of Miike Snow Remixes. I suggest taking a further look into Miike Snow.

Wilderness Crew – The Push

Ahhh Wilderness Crew. This is definitely one for the summer. Wilderness Crew has got that chill vibe and that laid back flow. They combine soulful reggae with hip hop and don’t be fooled, these white boys can spit.

Pretty Lights – After Midnight

Pretty Lights is a very talent elecrto band hailing from Colorado. Their music is unique and full of emotion. Their rock beats and samples make dance floors around the country go crazy. Here’s Pretty Lights playing live at Vic Theater in Chicago on New Years 2010 right after the ball droped. The song samples The Allman Brothers’ Midnight Rider and J.J. Cals’s After Midnight. All of their music can be downloaded for free on their website here.

J.Cole – Premeditated Murder

If you haven’t heard of up and coming rapper/producer J. Cole, you’re missing out. Jay-z’s protege, J.Cole, was the first to be signed to Roc Nation Records and has been spittin fire ever since. He not only has the flow and the witty verses, but he produces most of his own beats (which is awesome). This is his latest song, Premeditated Murder, off of his upcoming album, Cole World. Make sure to check out the other released singles and his mixtape The Warm Up.

Umphrey’s McGee – August 2/25/10

Umphrey’s Mcgee is one of our favorite bands. They are unbelievable musicians, make incredible songs, and have ridiculous jams. They are an extremely talented jam band and find their roots in progressive rock, funk, jazz, and so much more. If you are going to listen to Umphrey’s, listen to live shows. One of the best things about Umprhey’s is that because they improv their jams, every time you listen to a different recording of a song, it’s never the same. They are an experience. I’ve heard this particular song hundreds of times and I still find something new in it every time I listen. This is a great song live from Nokia Theater on February 25th, 2010 (We were at this show). The live show is unreal, especially because of the ridiculous light show (Check a song out on youtube for live show video, unfortunately this is just the audio). We chose this song instead of a live show video because we wanted to give a good representation of what Umphrey’s Mcgee is about. It’s good shows, good music, and good times. We will definitely be posting more Umphrey’s Mcgee in the future. To download the whole show directly, click here.

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP is an Australian duo whose song We No Speak Americano has been an international hit (not so much in America). This tune samples a 1956 song Tu vuò fà l’americano (no its not in english). Nevertheless, check this song out. It just makes you want to dance!

Mos Dub – History Town

Mos Dub is a mash up by producer Max Tannone between Mos Def (and in this case Black Star [Includes Talib Kweli]) and reggae dubs. This is an awesome track. The reggae really brings out the roots of hip hop and works in so smoothly with Mos Def and Talib Kweli, both of whom are lyrical masters. If you like this track, make sure to visit mosdub.com to download the whole album and to check out his other projects like jaydiohead (Jay-z and radiohead).

The Pass- Treatment Of The Sun

The Pass is an up and coming synthpop/rock/new wave band who are starting to make waves in the music community. Treatment of The Sun is the new single off their dubut album, Burst, which is set to be released in the fall. If you like this track, make sure to check out their 2010 EP Colors.

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