Artist Spotlight: Sistine Criminals

29 Jul

This will be the first instrumental band I will be posting. If you don’t listen to instrumental music, its definitely worth a try before you judge it. Instrumental music has the ability to express the same emotions that other genres can, without using any words.

Sistine Criminals create a musical environment that few other bands can produce. Although I have yet to see them live, judging by the videos of them I have watched, they seem to be partial to playing seemingly spontaneous shows on the streets of NYC. They flawlessly fuse their drum and bass style of music with electronic dance, some jazz, and and a little hip-hop. They are truly a talented band and although they are not very well known, I hope to see big things from them in the future. They have yet to release an album, however they have released a few song, which I have posted here for you listening pleasure.

Black Sun




And for your viewing pleasure, Sistine Criminals live on the streets!

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