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Artist Spotlight: Wax Tailor

5 Aug

Wax Tailor is a french trip-hop producer who created a unique music style of his own. His fusion of hip hop and electronic, along with samples from old movies and tv shows like Twilight Zone, gives his music an almost visual quality. Here are a few of my favorite songs. If you are interested in getting an album, I would suggest Tales of the Forgotten Melodies. It is definitely worth a listen.

SomeWhere Else – Taboo?

5 Aug

This is a great track I spotted over at Pigeons & Planes. SomeWhere Else are the 2008 World Battle of the Bands champions. What’s not to like about this song? They have unique rock/hip hop fusion that works so well and I can’t wait for their album, Master Basement, that will be available for free at on August 9th, to release.