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Artist Spotlight: Ween

30 Sep

Ween is a unique one of a kind band. This well respected duo consists of Gene and Dean Ween who consistently play new and different experimental psychedelic music. They have a huge underground fanbase but are mostly unknown to the majority. Just so you can get an idea of how crazy these guys are,  supposedly on the album The Pod the contraption on the album cover is a bong-like device with scotchguard used to propel marijuana by use of nitrous oxide , which was said to leave the user intoxicated for days. No one knows if they actually made this device and used it, but it just shows you how crazy these guys are. So CHECK OUT THEIR MUSIC

Best live show on the archive: (Download the VBR Zip on the left side of the page)

Ween TV:

Ween Playlist

Download: Ween – Mister Richard Smoker

Download: Ween – Take Me Away

Download: Ween – Dont Shit Where You Eat

Download: Ween – Waving My Dick in the Wind

Download: Ween – Piss up a Rope

Download: Ween – So Many People In The Neighborhood

Kanye West – Lost in the World

29 Sep

New Kanye that’s a little bit different then most of the new stuff he’s been coming out with lately. Has a little bit of auto-tune, but I’m not complaining too much. He samples Bon Iver’s “Woods”. Possible G.O.O.D Friday lead? I guess we will have to see. Check it out.

Download: Kanye West – Lost In The World

Bonus: Here is the completed CDQ Runaway ft Pusha T including the samples for your listening/downloading pleasure.

Download:Kanye West – Runaway Ft Pusha T

MGMT Remixed, Reworked, and Mashed-Up

28 Sep

People seem to love to remix, rework, and mash-up MGMT songs (including MGMT themselves). So here’s just a few random MGMT remixes just because (no they aren’t new). The first is a rework of Electric feel done by MGMT themselves and its really sweet. I think it’s better produced and gives the song less of a messy sound. I really recommended checking that one out. The second is the Electric Feel Justice Remix. Then comes the DJ STHLM remix of kids (which is awesome). Fourth is the Wait What Nas vs. MGMT Justice Remix of Electric Feel mash-up (confusing right?) Lastly comes the famous Xaphoon Jones MGMT v Bob Marley mash-up which I’m pretty sure we already posted once, but whatever, it’s worth another post. That’s all I have to offer off of Oracular Spectacular. Then off of their latest album, Congratulations, here’s It’s Working Air Remix and a Someone’s Missing and Weezy mash-up. There are plenty more of them I’m sure, but I thought I’d share some cool ones. Check them out.

Download: MGMT – Electric Feel (Ben Allen Sessions)

Download: MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Download: MGMT – Kids DJ STHLM MIX Remix

Download: Wait What – got urself an electric gun [nas vs. mgmt & justice]

Download: Xaphoon Jones- I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley & MGMT Mash-Up)

Download: MGMT – It’s Working (Air Remix)

Download: – Someone’s Missing (ft. Lil’ Wayne) [MGMT vs. Lil Wayne]


27 Sep

Check out this sweet group that sent us some of their music. They’re a pop/hip-hop group from good ol’ New Jersey (yes I’m from New Jersey). The group is composed of  OxPro, Kira, and Jay Will.  Using an innovative concept, Trillogy will be releasing their first album in three installments combining three six track EP’s “Love”, “Life” and “Loyalty”all set to be released three months apart. Staying true to their monicker  of “Love, Life & Loyalty” , Trillogy will be focusing on the elements which emcompass their emotions, lives and beliefs throughout their music. Check out the video for their song Ride Around Town and download the track below.

Download: Trillogy – Ride Around Town

Artist Spotlight: Organik Time Machine

27 Sep

Bridging a mix between electronic inspired beats and melodies, and the improvisation and live feel of jambands, Organik Time Machine’s music is meant to reach a wide variety of music fans. OTM is a very talented group of musicians creatively blending live electronica with elements of funk, hip hop, reggae, and jazz into their unique blend of high energy Livetronica. You can download free live shows at their archive page here.


Download: Organik Time Machine – Everything

Dig Deep Live

Download: Organik Time Machine – Dip Deep Live

Got It

Download: Organik Time Machine – Got It

Wind Horse

Download: Organik Time Machine – Wind Horse

Rap Mash Ups

27 Sep

Mash ups are very popular these days, but because they are so easy to make there are a lot of bad ones out there.  I have come across a few mix tapes that truly stand out. These beats and samples are chopped up perfectly and make cool new songs.  Check them out:

Wu Tang Clan Vs The Beatles- Got Your Money, from the mixtape Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM:

Notoroius B.I.G Vs Grateful Dead- Nasty Boy, from the mixtape Gratefully D.E.A.D:

Jay-Z Vs Funk- The Party Life, From the mixtape American G-Funk:

LCD Soundsystem – Home

26 Sep

This is a brand new video/short film by LCD. The song is called Home and its off their latest album, This is Happening. All Im going to say is, it is the best video about a robot crashing a dance party that I have ever seen.


25 Sep

Hey everybody this is JGreens writing you my first post for TUYS. I have been talking music with the Klep Bros for years and I am glad they are letting me share some music on this blog. As far as my musical preferences go, I try not to discriminate. I am always looking for interesting and creative music, whether it be new or old.
One of my favorite DJs/Producer is Simon Green aka Bonobo. If you like chillen out to down-tempo DJs you should definitely check him out. The thing that makes him stand out is his live performances. He plays with a full band that consists of a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, string section, electronics, and drummer. Simon Green mainly plays bass guitar, and leads the band. His live sets usually have hints of jazz, electronica, reggae, and funk. But, he is always enhancing his style so no two shows will be the same. Bottom line, he is a great show to see and he will be coming to NYC at Webster Hall Nov. 8 so check him out yourself. I posted a short mix of his newest album, Black Sands which was released this March and one of his DJ sets for your listening pleasure. Enjoy

Bonobo – Black Sands Preview

Bonobo- DJ set at Bomb the Jazz (1hr 6min)

Kanye West – So Appalled

25 Sep

Happy G.O.O.D Friday (yes on Saturday). Great new track. Check it out.

Download: Kanye West – So Appalled (feat. RZA, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beats CyHi Da Prynce)

Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D Video

24 Sep

Here’s the new video for Asher’s song G.R.I.N.D. I love this song. Be on the look out for his new album The Spaghetti Tree.