Artist Spotlight: Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz

12 Sep

File:Laika fcover.JPG

In 2002 the Spacemonkeyz remixed the Gorillaz song “Tomorrow Comes Today” and Damon Albarn, the founder of the Gorillaz, liked it so much that he asked them to remix the whole album.  Their album, Laika Come Home, is a dub remixes of the Gorillaz self titled album Gorillaz. This is the only album that Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz made but the dubs they made are pretty cool and are worth a listen.

Download: Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz – Tomorrow Comes Today (Banana Baby)

Download: Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz – Slow Country (Strictly Rubbadub)

Download: Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz – 5/4 (P45)

Download: Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz – New Genius (Brother) (Mutant Genius)

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