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21 Oct

Balmorhea is a  band that is strongly influenced by classical music and post-rock. They play beautiful instrumental  music that can evoke strong emotions. They are not a very popular band, but one that I think everyone should know. I just bought their latest cd Constellations which came out earlier this year. I love everything they do.

Download: Balmorhea – Lament

Download: Balmorhea – Greyish Tapering Ash

Download: Balmorhea – Harm and Boon

Baraka Flacka Flames – Head of the State

21 Oct

This shit is ridiculous!. It’s hilarious and yet awesome at the same time. I just had to share. Thanks Pigeons and Planes.

Cold War Kids – Royal Blue

21 Oct

Awesome new Cold War Kids! We’ve posted these guys once before and I really enjoy their music. This songs a little bit lighter then older Cold War Kids, but it’s a great new sound. This track is from their upcoming album Mine Is Yours, which releases January 25th, 2011. Credit goes to We All Want Something To Shout For.