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David Owen And Heretic

7 Oct

This is an amazing Drum n Bass mix with two djs going back to back for 1hr and 20 min. David Owen starts the mix off with some DnB mixed with some popular hip hop songs. Around 40 min Herectic takes over and does his set of wompy reggae DnB that is mind blowing. Just check out the setlist below

BACK2BACK SESSIONS VOL. 3.1 feat. DAVE OWEN b2b HERETIC (drum n bass) by MC XYZ

Step In The Spot (feat. SelfSays) – Submorphics – Westbay
Green Light (Stereotype Remix) – John Legend – Bootleg
Sucker Love – Dave Owen – Dub
Un-Thinkable (Lenzman Remix)- Alicia Keys – Bootleg
My Chick Bad (Calculon Remix) – Ludacris – Bootleg
Best I Ever Had (Mutt Remix) – Drake – Love
My Heart – Paul SG & Grimm – Innerground
Things Have Changed (feat. Kevin King) – Mutt – Sound Trax
So Fine – Eveson – Liquid V
Time On 2 (Flaco Remix) – Alton Miller – Dub
Yo Girl – Dave Owen – Creative Source Dub
Divine Inspiration (BCee Remix) – Champagne – Bonafide
Angel (Glen E Ston Remix) [Dave Owen Re-Remix] – Pharrell – Bootleg

Distorted Minds – T-10 (Gangster Step Remix)
Sub Zero – Motion
Rebel MC – Original Ses (Serial Killaz Remix)
>> DJ Hazard – Killers Don’t Die
DJ Hazard – Platinum Shadows
Jakes & TC – All About
DJ Fresh – Talkbox
Subfocus – Vapourize
Modified Motion & Faction – New World
Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Day VIP
Rebel MC – Tribal Natty (Heretic Remix)
Sigma – Front To Back (Original Sin Remix)
Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP
DJ Vadim – Terrorist (MIR Crew Remix)
DJ Hazard – Psychedelic
Crissy Cris & Youngman – Kick Snare (Drumstep VIP)
Rude & Deadly – Mash Dem Down
Prisoners of Technology – Trick of Technology (Sub Zero Remix)
Heretic – Boyz In The Hood
Switch – a Bit Patchy (Sub Focus Remix)
Noisia – Stigma

1320 Records Artist Compilation

20 Sep

So I post a song from Alexbeats earlier today off of the new 1320 Records Artist Compilation before I got to listen to the full album and now that I have listen to it I thought I give you guys a little more. 1320 Records is definitely one of my favorite record labels. Run by Sound Tribe Sector 9, 1320 Records has signed some great artist like Pretty Lights, Ronald Jenkees, Eskmo, Telepath and Bassnectar just to name a few. This is a great compilation of songs from various artist on the label. Here’s a taste of the album which can be download for free here.

Virtual Boy – Threshold of Pain

Emancipator – Father King

A Visit to the Electric Zoo

13 Sep

I was stumbling through the music blogosphere today and while I visited our friends at 201BEATS, I found that they posted a sick review of some of the bands that played at Electric Zoo. I know E Zoo was two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t help posting some of the songs. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend however 201BEATS wrote a great post full of videos and pictures that you should all check out here. It looked like an amazing festival and I am definitely considering going next year.

Pretty Lights – Mix

Warp Vs Pon De Floor (Nick Mashup) – Bloody Beetroots Vs Major Lazer

Show Me One (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

Concert Experience: Sound Tribe Sector 9 LIVE @ Roseland Ballroom, NYC August 12, 2010

17 Aug

Turn Up Your Speakers once again took their video cameras on the road to bring you the Concert Experience. Sound Tribe Sector 9 aka STS9 is an extremely talented band who puts on an unbelievable show. If electronic rock had a baby with jam music, Sound Tribe would be their offspring. Combine that with an unreal light show that creates more than just a show, but an experience and you have a Soundtribe Sector 9 concert. Sound Tribe Sector 9 is definitely a band to explore if you have yet to really listen to them. And if that doesn’t do it for you, they also are a band who are very politically and philanthropically active. Here’s a link to the trailer and website for their movie, Regeneration, about our apathetic generation. To see more videos and to buy their live shows, check out their website here. Sorry the videos are a little bit shaky, we were dancing.Enjoy!

Eskmo vs. Telefon Tel Aviv

14 Aug

This is a pretty awesome mash-up that I picked up a while back and I thought I would share it with you. Eskmo is a talented electronic music producer and Telefon Tel Aviv is chill electronic band. I really like this mash-up, its very cool. Enjoy

Artist Spotlight: Sistine Criminals

29 Jul

This will be the first instrumental band I will be posting. If you don’t listen to instrumental music, its definitely worth a try before you judge it. Instrumental music has the ability to express the same emotions that other genres can, without using any words.

Sistine Criminals create a musical environment that few other bands can produce. Although I have yet to see them live, judging by the videos of them I have watched, they seem to be partial to playing seemingly spontaneous shows on the streets of NYC. They flawlessly fuse their drum and bass style of music with electronic dance, some jazz, and and a little hip-hop. They are truly a talented band and although they are not very well known, I hope to see big things from them in the future. They have yet to release an album, however they have released a few song, which I have posted here for you listening pleasure.

Black Sun




And for your viewing pleasure, Sistine Criminals live on the streets!