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Alex B

27 Oct

Alex B is a good guy to know if you are into the hip hop electronica scene. He is a cool DJ who has been traveling around to festivals and making a name for himself. He is signed to 1320 Records which has so many great acts on it (sts9, eskmo, big gigantic, bassnectar, emancipator, and pretty lights just to name a few). He is playing in Ithaca Nov 19th @ the Thumpty Music Frat at Cornell and this show will benefit the Conscious Alliance, an organization that helps deliver food to impoverished communities in the United States. If you’re in the area come by and support the cause, I’ll be there.  If you want more info on Alex B check his website out


5 Oct

Mimosa - Silver Lining (2010)

Download his new EP:

MiMOSA is an LA producer combing hip hop songs with the wompy dubstep style from the UK. California dubstep is becoming very popular these days and has a huge following of  fans that love making their eyes dilated and wearing flat brim hats. MiMosa is definitely on top of his game and if you are into dubstep you should definitely know his name. Enjoy the wompage

download:When will we learn – MiMosa

download:Badlands – MiMosa

download: Pushing Little Daisies- MiMosa

SEXYTIME (Sleepyhead & Mimosa) DJ MIX:

download:SexyTime – Mimosa & Sleepyhead

Artist Spotlight: Ween

30 Sep

Ween is a unique one of a kind band. This well respected duo consists of Gene and Dean Ween who consistently play new and different experimental psychedelic music. They have a huge underground fanbase but are mostly unknown to the majority. Just so you can get an idea of how crazy these guys are,  supposedly on the album The Pod the contraption on the album cover is a bong-like device with scotchguard used to propel marijuana by use of nitrous oxide , which was said to leave the user intoxicated for days. No one knows if they actually made this device and used it, but it just shows you how crazy these guys are. So CHECK OUT THEIR MUSIC

Best live show on the archive: (Download the VBR Zip on the left side of the page)

Ween TV:

Ween Playlist

Download: Ween – Mister Richard Smoker

Download: Ween – Take Me Away

Download: Ween – Dont Shit Where You Eat

Download: Ween – Waving My Dick in the Wind

Download: Ween – Piss up a Rope

Download: Ween – So Many People In The Neighborhood

LCD Soundsystem – Home

26 Sep

This is a brand new video/short film by LCD. The song is called Home and its off their latest album, This is Happening. All Im going to say is, it is the best video about a robot crashing a dance party that I have ever seen.

Artist Spotlight: Beam&Deem

15 Sep

I actually just discovered Beam&Deem a few days ago and with the drop of two new studio mixes I fell in love. This duo has everything you could want in an electronic band and they mix elements of many electronic genres into their music. They say it best, “In an era where the evolution of music involves merging mind with technology, Beam&Deem offers a breath of life into the machine, generating a unique sound that will shake both your mind and your behind.” Normally, I would put the tracks here for you all to download however Beam&Deem have posted them free on their site here. They are also asking for donations 100% of which will go to the charity Talk About Curing Autism. Definitely check these mixes and go donate to a great cause.

Beam&Deem Studio Mixes by Turn Up Your Speakers

Wait What – This Is Real Life

2 Sep

Wait What is a very talented mash-up group who have a great ear for what will work in a mash-up and what won’t. This is their new album and I have to say, it’s awesome. The album can either be purchased or downloaded for free (you can enter your own amount). I would encourage you to enter any amount of money, no matter how small it is, because all proceeds go to 826 Valencia, a charity that supports youth writing. Feel free to take a listen below and download the album here. If you like this album or even if you don’t, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you get Wait What’s Notorious B.I.G and The XX mash-up because it’s incredible. To listen and download The Notorious XX, click here. Spotted over at P&P.

Local Music: Friendly Knowledge

1 Sep

Friendly Knowledge (Aaron Hochman) out of Marlboro, New Jersey is one of those artist whose music just catches your attention with its one of a kind feel. Using a record player and a computer, Friendly Knowledge chops up Jazz tracks, rearranges them and puts them over his own hip-hop beats to create a unique and interesting sound that can only be described as sporadic. Nevertheless, his tracks come together quite beautifully and are definitely worth a listen. Check out his myspace here for more from Friendly Knowledge. Happy listening 🙂

Download: Friendly KnowIedge – Know Where Your Name Comes From

Download: Friendly Knowledge – Guacamole’s Feathers

Download: Friendly Knowledge – Life is Too Short Today. So?

Download: Friendly Knowledge – Delight Moment

Artist Spotlight: El Ten Eleven

27 Aug

El Ten Eleven is a great post-rock duo out of California. The uniqueness of the band lies in their ability to create beautiful instrumental composition with only two musicians. Using a double necked guitar/bass and heavy looping, the band creates an organic ambient atmosphere with their music. The simple rhythms laid down by guitarist Kristian Dunn, result in texturized dance jams that are full of emotion. El Ten Eleven’s fourth album, It’s Still Like A Secret, is said to be released sometime in 2010.

Watch this video until at least 3:55, it gets really cool!

Download: El Ten Eleven – I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool

Download: El Ten Eleven – Estrella

Download: El Ten Eleven – Adam and Nathan Totally Kick Ass

Download: El Ten Eleven – Hot Cakes