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21 Oct

Balmorhea is a  band that is strongly influenced by classical music and post-rock. They play beautiful instrumental  music that can evoke strong emotions. They are not a very popular band, but one that I think everyone should know. I just bought their latest cd Constellations which came out earlier this year. I love everything they do.

Download: Balmorhea – Lament

Download: Balmorhea – Greyish Tapering Ash

Download: Balmorhea – Harm and Boon


11 Oct

Fontanelle is an instrumental post rock jazz funk electonica band. There last album, Style Drift was released in 2002. This band sounds warm and ambient with influences of Herbie Hancock’s electric piano mixed with hallucinatory and hypnotic appeals. It kinda reminds me of an elctronic spacey Bitches Brew.

Download: Fontanelle – Interstices

Download: Fontanelle – Just, Go, Crazy

Download: Fontanelle – Style Drift

Artist Spotlight: Time Crisis

1 Oct

I spotted Time Crisis over at Lost In Sound and I had to share them. Time Crisis is the newest project from Fameless Fam. Adding electronic music to any genre makes it better and that’s exactly what Time Crisis has done. Their music explores genres from hip-hop to post rock and blurs the lines of separate genres. They are a great band and worth a listen. Get their whole album from iTunes here.

Download: Time Crisis – Bricks

Download: Time Crisis – Running From Giants

Artist Spotlight: El Ten Eleven

27 Aug

El Ten Eleven is a great post-rock duo out of California. The uniqueness of the band lies in their ability to create beautiful instrumental composition with only two musicians. Using a double necked guitar/bass and heavy looping, the band creates an organic ambient atmosphere with their music. The simple rhythms laid down by guitarist Kristian Dunn, result in texturized dance jams that are full of emotion. El Ten Eleven’s fourth album, It’s Still Like A Secret, is said to be released sometime in 2010.

Watch this video until at least 3:55, it gets really cool!

Download: El Ten Eleven – I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool

Download: El Ten Eleven – Estrella

Download: El Ten Eleven – Adam and Nathan Totally Kick Ass

Download: El Ten Eleven – Hot Cakes