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11 Oct

Fontanelle is an instrumental post rock jazz funk electonica band. There last album, Style Drift was released in 2002. This band sounds warm and ambient with influences of Herbie Hancock’s electric piano mixed with hallucinatory and hypnotic appeals. It kinda reminds me of an elctronic spacey Bitches Brew.

Download: Fontanelle – Interstices

Download: Fontanelle – Just, Go, Crazy

Download: Fontanelle – Style Drift

Artist Spotlight: One Mighty Atom

23 Aug

I discovered One Mighty Atom a while back and fell in love with their unique style of psychedelic funk music. I really don’t know very much about them. Their website has access to download their music, a very strange description of the band, and a few articles about some festivals they played but other than that it doesn’t look like the band is very active. Regardless they are a very cool band and are definitely worth a listen.

Download: One Mighty Atom – Surfin

Download: One Mighty Atom – Metro

Download: One Mighty Atom – Happy National Pudding

Download: One Mighty Atom – Tumble Boogie