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Josh Hurt

13 Sep

View All Photos | Josh Hurt- Midnight Racer on iTunes NOW

Exciting news! We have received our first music submission! Josh Hurt is a 20 yr. old Urban Pop entertainer from Dallas, TX. He has been writing original music since the age of 9, and started recording and performing at the age of 17. By the fall of 2010, Josh Hurt would have already independently-released two singles and music videos. He is currently working on his first project, The Exhibition. Being inspired by top acts such as Michael Jackson and Beyonce, Josh Hurt is gearing up to give the Pop scene what it has been missing. Be sure to check out his myspace, youtube, and twitter. Keep the new music coming!

Download Midnight Racer below!
Download: Josh Hurt- Midnight Racer (Main)

Local Music: The Lords of Liechtenstein

8 Sep

The Lords of Liechtenstein are an acoustic rock duo straight out of Homdel, NJ. These two brothers’ catchy melodies and great vocals are reminiscent of the music of Matt Costa and Marcy Playground and remind me of happy times relaxing in the sun. What really stikes me about the band is their versatility. The duo creates a very full sound in their music and utilizes a variety of instruments including ukulele, mandoline and piano. Although they do not have a drummer during live performances, Noah covers the drums and percussion as well as the ukulele and keyboard on their demo tracks. Be sure to check them out on their facebook here. Also if you like their music and live near New Brunswick, NJ they will be playing a show at The Court Tavern on October 8. Check out their facebook event here for more info. Happy Listening!

Download: The Lords of Liechtenstein – Do You?

Download: The Lords of Liechtenstein – Cheshire Cat Smile

Download: The Lords of Liechtenstein – In the Desert

Download: The Lords of Liechtenstein – She Smiled at Me Today

Artist Spotlight: Easy Star All-Stars

22 Aug

Easy Star All-Stars are a reggae dub band that remakes entire famous rock albums and transforms them into unbelievable reggae songs. Their first release was a reggae reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Mood, called Dub Side of the Moon. Since then, the Easy Star All-Stars have recreated Radiohead’s, Ok Computer, and turned it into Radiodread and, most recently, redid The Beatles’, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and called it Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band. It’s understandable that one would  be skeptical of this kind of remake of classic tunes, but the Easy Star All-stars flawlessly recreate these epic album. They make theses albums their own, but also make sure not to lose sight of the original. The Easy Star All-stars also released an original album called Until That Day and have redid Umphrey’s Mcgee’s (one of our favorite bands) Turn & Run and reshaped it into Turn & Dub. Check out the songs we posted and if you are a particular fan of either Pink Floyd, Radiohead, or The Beatles or just like what we have posted, I suggest you purchase the full albums because it’s amazing to hear and compare each album in its entirety to the original.

Dub Side of the Moon:

Download: Easy Star All-Stars – Money

Download: Easy Star All-Stars – Time


Download: Easy Star All-Stars – Karma Police

Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band:

Download:Easy Star All-Stars – With a Little Help From My Friends (feat. Luciano)

Download: Easy Star All-Stars – Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Download: Easy Star All-Stars – Lovely Rita

Umphrey’s Mcgee Remix:

Download: Turn & Dub (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)

Artist Spotlight: Voodoo Farm

19 Aug

Voodoo Farm is an unsigned band hailing from the big apple. Although they haven’t made it big yet, they definitely deserve some recognition. Their fusion of fuzzy guitar and electronic beats gives them a sound all their own. Their first album, VOL. I, dropped in May 2009 and their second album, VOL. II, is said to be released by the end of the summer.

Download: Voodoo Farm – Bangers & Cash

Download: Voodoo Farm – Trapping Zoids

Download: Voodoo Farm – Half Away

Artist Spotlight: Galactic

6 Aug

If you have never listened to Galactic, you’re certainly missing out. Their unique brand of “Modern New Orleans Funk”, combined with their incredible musicianship, puts Galactic in a league of their own and explains why they have been around for fourteen years. No one grooves like Galactic. They not only make great songs, but have incredible live jams. And as a drummer, I must say that Galactic’s drummer, Stanton Moore, is unbelievable and is one of my favorite drummers. They have 8 studio albums, the latest being released this past February, and they constantly tour. Their brand of funk consists of everything from jazz and to even hip-hop, including songs where they collaborate with various rappers. If you have never listened to funk music before, take my advice and give Galactic a chance.

And for those hip-hop fans, here you go.

Artist Spotlight: Wax Tailor

5 Aug

Wax Tailor is a french trip-hop producer who created a unique music style of his own. His fusion of hip hop and electronic, along with samples from old movies and tv shows like Twilight Zone, gives his music an almost visual quality. Here are a few of my favorite songs. If you are interested in getting an album, I would suggest Tales of the Forgotten Melodies. It is definitely worth a listen.

Artist Spotlight: Ronald Jenkees

4 Aug

By far one of the greatest synth players I know of, Ronald Jenkees got his start on youtube recording himself playing songs in his room. Despite his apparent quirkiness in his videos, most of them have over 2,000,000 views. Jenkees is a truly talented musician and in his own words, he makes music because “its fun!” He also creates sick beats and raps a little bit too.  He has released two albums, a self titled album and Disorganized Fun, both of which are great! Check out his videos below and on his youtube page here. If you like please support him by purchasing his albums on his website http://www.ronaldjenkees.com or on itunes.

Artist Spotlight: Sistine Criminals

29 Jul

This will be the first instrumental band I will be posting. If you don’t listen to instrumental music, its definitely worth a try before you judge it. Instrumental music has the ability to express the same emotions that other genres can, without using any words.

Sistine Criminals create a musical environment that few other bands can produce. Although I have yet to see them live, judging by the videos of them I have watched, they seem to be partial to playing seemingly spontaneous shows on the streets of NYC. They flawlessly fuse their drum and bass style of music with electronic dance, some jazz, and and a little hip-hop. They are truly a talented band and although they are not very well known, I hope to see big things from them in the future. They have yet to release an album, however they have released a few song, which I have posted here for you listening pleasure.

Black Sun




And for your viewing pleasure, Sistine Criminals live on the streets!

Artist Spotlight: BoomBox

28 Jul

BoomBox made their debut in 2005 with their album Visions of a Backbeat. Drummer Russ Randolph and Vocalist/Guitarist Zion Rock Godchaux create a unique genre of dance music drawing from disco, electronic,  psychedelic rock, jazz, funk, and even a little hip-hop. Their newest album, downriverelectric, released on June 30 of this year delivers a healthy dose of contagious backbeats and smooth guitar riffs. And if this description wasn’t enough, check out a few of their songs below. Download all their music here.

Fun fact Vocalist/Guitarist Zion Rock Godchaux’s mother, Donna Jean Godchaux, was a singer in the Grateful Dead

Stereo (Visions of a Backbeat)

Midnight on the Run (Visions of a Backbeat)

Watergun (downriverelectric)

Showboat (downriverelectric)