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Bassnectar – Wildstyle Method

6 Oct

Sick new Bassnectar track. Bassnectar is ridiculous. This shit will melt your face off. The dubstep hits so hard, so make sure to turn up your speakers for this one. (Get the reference? Funny right?) Thanks The Music Ninja for this one. Check it out.

Download: Bassnectar – Wildstyle Method

Basshead – Bassnectar (King Fantastic Remix)

3 Aug

This song is ridiculous. King Fantastic flawlessly combines gangster rap with Bassnectar electronic and the outcome is amazing. King Fantastic calls their style “westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic”, which i would say is a pretty accurate description. This is the new video from their album, Finger Snaps and Gun Glasps, which I highly recommend you download (as well as the song above) FOR FREE here.