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New Pretty Lights EP

23 Oct

The time we have been waiting for has arrived. Pretty Lights has released the third and final installment of his EP trilogy, Glowing In The Dark, and it does not disappoint. Although its a little mellower than his last two EPs it still has the electro hip-hop flair that we all expect. The EP has found a balance of sick beats, great samples and electronic instrumentals. I haven’t posted anything in a while because of midterms and what not and I am happy this is my first post back. Download the whole EP at Pretty Lights website here.

Still Night

Gazing At The Glare

Gold Coast Hustle

Pretty Lights New EP: Spilling Over Every Side

2 Aug

Pretty Lights released a new EP on July 29th, the second in a trilogy to be released this year. Pretty Lights is a very talented band and their new EP, Spilling Over Every Side, serves to prove it. In my opinion, this EP is a real master piece. Every track is unique and each one takes you on a journey through the “pretty lights” in the mind of the band’s creator, Derek Vincent Smith. Spilling Over Every Side covers all the bases, incorporating a variety of genres including electronic, dance, hip-hop, vocal sampling, dub step, and even orchestral instrumentals, like trumpets and strings. Pretty Lights did a very good job on this EP and I am excited for their third one. Pick up the full album for free at http://prettylightsmusic.com.