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The Dean’s List – I’ll Be Okay (Ft. Jordan Brown) Video

25 Oct

Here are the visuals for The Dean’s List song, I’ll Be Okay, which we actually posted in a previous post. As you know TUYS are fans of The Dean’s List and they continue to impress us. Check the video out and make sure to buy their album Undeclared here.

Sonny Shotz – American Woman Remix

19 Aug

Here’s the new song by Sonny Shotz of The Dean’s List. This is a pretty sick song with a really cool beat and is definitely worth a listen. If You don’t know who the The Dean’s List is they’re a great group with their own style of college pop rap. This track is set to be on Sonny’s new mixtape, December 31.

Download: Sonny Shotz – American Woman (Remix)

If you like this song, or even if you don’t, check these awesome Dean’s List songs out. I’m a fan of these guys. I think they are really talented and will be doing big things in the future. If you find yourself needing more then just these few songs, you can download a bunch of their tracks for free at their website here.

Download:The Dean’s List – I’ll Be Okay

Download: The Dean’s List – Repeat

Download: The Dean’s List – Ready To Go

Download: The Dean’s List – Kardashian