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J. Cole – Relaxation (Ft. Omen & Fashawn)

5 Oct

Here’s the new J. Cole track I was too busy to post yesterday. This is a self-produced, no-hook, hard hitting track. Check it out.

Download: J. Cole – Relaxation (Ft. Omen & Fashawn)

J. Cole – The Plan

22 Sep

Here’s the new J. Cole song off the NBA 2011 soundtrack. Great stuff from J. Cole obviously. Check it out.
Download: J. Cole – The Plan

New J. Cole – Villematic

7 Sep

J. Cole hops on Kanye Wests brand new song Devil in a New Dress and I don’t have to tell you that J. Cole does his thing. The word is J. Cole will be dropping another mixtape so be on the look out. Check it out. Thanks P&P

Download: J. Cole – Villematic

New J. Cole – No Holding Me Back

21 Aug

More and more J. Cole and I don’t think I have to tell you that it’s obviously as good as usual. Unfortuantly this is tagged a lot but nevertheless, check out J. Cole rapping over Rick Ross’, Tears Of Joy instrumental.

Download: J. Cole – No Holding Me Back (Tags)

More New J. Cole – It Won’t Be Long

18 Aug

The new J. Cole keeps coming and coming, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Download: J.-Cole- It Won’t Be Long

New J. Cole! – Blow Up

13 Aug

Great new self-produced track coming from J. Cole. Every single one of the released songs from his album, Cole World, have been fire. He’s not lying, he’s about to blow up.

P.S – Sorry I’m a day late on this post, but Turn Up Your Speakers was at a concert yesterday. Another “Concert Experience” coming soon!

New J. Cole! – Problems (Tagless)

29 Jul

I’m lovin’ J. Cole and if you listen to this brand new track, you’ll understand why. J. Cole is so real. You can tell he’s just rapping about what he knows and he never pretends to be anything he’s not. I really like how his flow is a little more laid back then usual on this track. It really adds something different to this song (as if his other tracks weren’t good enough). I’m expecting big things for J. Cole. Can’t wait for the release of his debut album, Cole World. Credit to YMHD. To download the whole mixtape of 14 new songs (featuring this song and the Kid Cudi track below) click here.