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A Journey Through J. Dilla’s Rock Crates Part I

29 Oct

j-dilla-sometimes.jpg J Dilla image by Victor_Aguero

J Dilla (February 7, 1974 – February 10, 2006) was a DJ with an incredible ear for samples. This is a mix by a DJ named Bowls who uses J Dilla’s rock samples to make a mix of his own. This  mix really shows how diverse  Dilla’s taste in music was. He was very patient. He listened for good samples in songs and wasn’t afraid to let it play long. Its a 37 min mix, I recommend listening to the whole thing. (my favorite  parts are around 7:00 & 25:30.) Its a very unique chill mix.

Download: A Journey Through J. Dilla’s Rock Crates Part I – Bowl

Bankie Travolta Leak

13 Oct

Thanks to our friends over at 201Beats we got a hold of a track which was leaked from Bankie Travolta’s upcoming mixtape which will be dropping this Saturday, October 16. Check it out.

Download: Bankie Travolta – Magikal Dreamz

Sam Adams – Party Records

23 Sep

It’s finally here! Sam Adams new mixtape has arrived. We’ve been posting a lot of songs that were from this mixtape and seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback. As I said before, Sam Adams is not my favorite rapper in any way shape or form, but it’s a pretty cool concept and direction he’s taken. Stream and download below.

Hoodie Allen – Pep Rally

22 Sep

I didn’t realize the picture I used a couple days ago was actually the cover of the mixtape so I feel stupid putting the same picture again, but whatever. Anyways here’s the new Hoodie Allen mixtape. I’ve recently getting into him more and he’s got a great sound. His indie samples are very creative and give him his own vibe. Hoodie’s very unique and a little quirky, which makes him all the more fun. Download his mixtape here and enjoy.

Mac Miller – K.I.D.S!

14 Aug

I’ve been waiting for this to finally happen. If you can’t tell by all the posts, I think Mac Miller is a really talented guy and K.I.D.S (Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit) just reaffirms that notion. Just download it here and let the music speak for itself.

New Wale Mixtape – More About Nothing

3 Aug

Wale’s new mixtape released today! To download, click here.