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Sam Adams – Party Records

23 Sep

It’s finally here! Sam Adams new mixtape has arrived. We’ve been posting a lot of songs that were from this mixtape and seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback. As I said before, Sam Adams is not my favorite rapper in any way shape or form, but it’s a pretty cool concept and direction he’s taken. Stream and download below.

Sam Adams – Bass Head

22 Sep

Here’s another track off of Sam Adams’ new mixtape, Party Records, which drops tomorrow. This time he raps over Bassnectar’s, Bass Head. It’s a decent track and I really like the direction he’s going in. I guess I’m a little biased because this track doesn’t stack up to King Fantastics version. Despite this, I’m excited for the mixtape to drop tomorrow. Check back here for the download.

Download: Sam Adams – Bass Head

Party Records Tracklist

20 Sep

People seem to like the two Sam Adams tracks we recently posted. In case you didn’t know, those songs are part of a mixtape that should be releasing this week called Party Records. Because of all the positive feedback, I thought I’d post the tracklist for the upcoming mixtape. Check it out and be sure to check back here to download it when it drops. Should be a good mixtape. As I said previously, Sam Adams is definitely not my favorite rapper, but I respect that he’s taking a new direction and trying something new.

Sam Adams – Some Chords (Deadmau5 Remix)

17 Sep

I feel weird posting Sammy two posts in row, but I couldn’t not post this cause it’s Deadmau5 who is sick. I’m really liking Sammy’s choice of beats lately. Thanks to our friends at 201 Beats for the heads up.

Download: Sam Adams – Some Chords (Deadmau5)

Sam Adams – Hold On (Prod. by Rusko)

15 Sep

I was never really a fan of Sammy. I think there are plenty of rappers who are just as good or better then him. That being said Rusko is nuts so I thought I’d post this one. Spotted it over at decentlydope and as they said it’s no King Fantastic remix of Bass Head by Bassnectar, but it’s still pretty cool. Check it out.

Download: Sam Adams – Hold On (Prod. By Rusko)