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1320 Records Artist Compilation

20 Sep

So I post a song from Alexbeats earlier today off of the new 1320 Records Artist Compilation before I got to listen to the full album and now that I have listen to it I thought I give you guys a little more. 1320 Records is definitely one of my favorite record labels. Run by Sound Tribe Sector 9, 1320 Records has signed some great artist like Pretty Lights, Ronald Jenkees, Eskmo, Telepath and Bassnectar just to name a few. This is a great compilation of songs from various artist on the label. Here’s a taste of the album which can be download for free here.

Virtual Boy – Threshold of Pain

Emancipator – Father King

Artist Spotlight: Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars

7 Sep

The Santa Cruz Hemp Allstar are possibly one of the greatest super-jam groups every conceived. The band consists of David Murphy (Sound Tribe Sector 9) on bass, Jeffree Lerner (Sound Tribe Sector 9) on percussion/effects, Zach Velmer (Sound Tribe Sector 9) on drums, Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits) on keyboard, Jason Concepcion (Netwerk:Electric) on guitar/effects and John Whooley (Estradasphere) on saxophone/vocals. The band is truly amazing, playing completely unrehearsed improvised jam sessions at each performance. Unfortunately, the band has only played a total of six shows since they debuted in 2001. Seeing them live would truly be an amazing experience however sadly I haven’t heard anything about them coming back together any time soon. Below I have posted a show that I converted from files I got off of archive.org. I also found an awesome video of a full Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars set from 2002 that you can check out here.

Download: Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 1

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 2

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 3

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 4

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 5

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 6

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 7

Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars – Track 8