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New King Fantastic – The Catalyst (King Fantastic Remix)

7 Sep

Here’s the new King Fantastic track that’s as raw and gritty as ever. They do a great job of remixing Linkin Park’s new song, The Catalyst. Check it out.

Download: King Fantastic – The Catalyst (King Fantastic Remix)

New Linkin Park! – The Catalyst

3 Aug

Brand new Linkin Park! Back in the day, I was a pretty big Linkin Park fan, starting of course in 200o with the release of Hybrid Theory. I did like their 2007 release, Minutes to Midnight, but since then, haven’t really listened to them much. Despite that, it’s always good to see what old favorites are doing from time to time and I’m glad these guys are still making music. They’re a talented group of musicians and this song lives up to their reputation. It’s definitely worth a listen. Keep an eye out for their new album, A Thousand Suns, releasing in September of this year.