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Kid Cudi – Erase Me (Ft. Kanye West) Video!

12 Oct

Funny new video for Cudi’s Erase Me. Kid Cudi, looking like Jimi Hendrix, acting like a rockstar with McLovin and the kid from Hot Tub Time Machine, what could be better? Check it out.

Aaron Smith – Can’t Do It Alone Video!

6 Oct

Here’s the new video for Aaron Smith’s (aka the MC from the duo Shwayze) song Can’t Do It Alone. If you haven’t gotten his album Love Stoned yet, click here to go to our previous post. Great album and a great new video! Check it out.

Flamethrower vs Fire Extinguisher

4 Oct

This is the music video for Dancing Pigeons song “Ritalin”. The song isn’t bad but I am mainly posting it because the video is ridiculous! Watch and Enjoy the mayhem!

Beats Antique Live

3 Oct

This is a Beats Antique concert that was streamed live over the internet a few weeks ago. I know its long but if you have the time its really worth watching the whole thing. My favorite song would have to be at either 26:00 or 31:00. It gets pretty funny at 44:00 as well 🙂 Their music fuses  underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep behind a curtain of middle eastern belly dancing (17:00) flavor. The violin and sitar brings sounds that are rarely heard in their genre. Also below is a couple track off of their new album Blind Threshold which you can pick up here.

Download: Beats Antique – Spiderbite

Download: Beats Antique – Revival

LCD Soundsystem – Home

26 Sep

This is a brand new video/short film by LCD. The song is called Home and its off their latest album, This is Happening. All Im going to say is, it is the best video about a robot crashing a dance party that I have ever seen.

Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D Video

24 Sep

Here’s the new video for Asher’s song G.R.I.N.D. I love this song. Be on the look out for his new album The Spaghetti Tree.

New Dr. Dog Music Video – Shadow People

15 Sep

A fresh new music video from one of my favorites, Dr. Dog, of their song “Shadow People” off their most recent album Shame, Shame. Great song, great video! Enjoy!

New Ice Cube – Drink the Kool-Aid Video!

4 Aug

Brand new video from Ice Cube’s single, Drink the Kool-Aid. It’s a song just to remind everyone that he’s the originator and that these new rappers don’t have anything on him. His new album, I Am the West, drops September 28th. Check it out.