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Wiz Khalifa – Know Your Name

14 Oct

Some new Wiz for ya. Nothing too much different from what Wiz has been doing. Check it out.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Know Your Name

New Wiz Khalifa! – Black and Yellow

1 Sep

Brand new single off Wiz’s new Rostrum/Atlantic records album. This one is a tribute to his hometown, Pittsburgh. You know, the Steelers hence the Black and Yellow. It’s a pretty good song. Looking forward to more off his album. Check it out.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow

Bonus! Check out this sweet mash-up I spotted over at The Music Iv.
Download: The Thrill – Wiz Khalifa vs. Empire of the Sun

New Wiz Khalifa! – Hey Girl

3 Aug

More chill Wiz! I really like this track. It reminds me of Shwayze. The singer sounds like Cisco to me. Anyways, its a cool track so check it out.

New Wiz Khalifa! – Fly Solo

2 Aug

Brand new Wiz Khalifa! I have liked Wiz back from his Flight School mixtape and I think he’s a really talented rapper. This song is much different from anything I have seen Wiz record in the past. First off, unlike most of Wiz’s tracks, this song isn’t just about weed. Second, he takes a whole new direction with his flow. In this track, he tries out a Cudi-esque sing rap that, in my opinion, really works for him. I’m waiting to see if he makes more songs like this one cause I’m diggin the new Wiz.